Closing the gate…for real this time.

Well, folks. Unfortunately our efforts to rebuild the guild turned out to be one-sided when it came to buy-in from the guild members to put forth the effort necessary to rebuild the guild, with the GMs being on the one side for putting in the work.

In the course of 3 years, I have rebuilt the guild from its initial split from another raiding guild back on Drak’Thul where it first started, and again on Dalvengyr when Drak’Thul went PVE, which is where we picked up Ãndea as we rebuilt on a new server.

Then when Cataclysm released, I passed GM to Ãndea and another guild member, only to return 6 months later to stop the threat of a guild split and transfer off the server, and resume GM. The guild still split, but those that left ended up for the worse in a guild led by an alt that never raided as promised. Ãndea and I rebuilt with those who remained to finish off 4.1 content and raid 4.2 Firelands.

When 4.3 released, we had to transfer to Stormreaver because Dalvengyr died, and we rebuilt on Stormreaver with the hopes that there would be a plethora of players to choose from on a high pop server. We got dual 10man raids going, with a late start into the content and made it to heroics before breaking for summer.

During the summer break, the officers played the Beta content so that when 5.0 released, we could get a head start on content. Unfortunately, not everyone put as much effort into gearing as our Officer Core did, and we had to rebuild again so we could start the content on a reasonable schedule. Running dual 10 mans got us going, but also held us back as a solid 10-player roster could not be formed for either group. Going from dual 10s to a single 10 worked for a while, but we had to recruit some players to fill the gaps in the roster.

Once 5.1 released, that is where the personal responsibility that was absent at the start of 5.0 started catching up to several key players, preventing us from progressing through all 3 raids in a timely manner, and setting us back on gear for when 5.2 released.

At the release of 5.2, we tried to keep everyone in the roster and even went back to 5.0 content to down it to get them geared over the course of 3 weeks…the players who needed the gear didn’t or couldn’t put in the effort outside of raid to better their character, and some who did had bad RNG for getting any kind of drops during raid. This issue put us behind after the first night of Throne of Thunder, and we had to recruit new players to fill the slots that opened up.

We spent around 9 weeks from released just to down Horridon due to a combination of 2 or more of the following: undergeared, unfamiliar with their class, tanks, healers. All of the DPS was geared to be at Megaera or doing Heroics at the time…the rest were geared for the 1st boss of ToT, or not even geared enough to be in there, according to March 6th, the first night of ToT release we downed the Jin’rokh the Breaker…May 1st, we downed Horridon…May 15th, we downed Council…the same week, we got Tortos to a 0% wipe, and then nothing.

At that point, the good players left, the troublesome players were removed from the guild, and we decided to start fresh. However, of the remaining players, it turned out that only the the GMs were interested in putting the effort to rebuild. Over the course of 3 years, the effort to rebuild has been put forth several times from the GMs…whether it was to rebuild our own raid team from within the guild, or rebuild the guild on the server with established reputation, or rebuild on a new server with no connections at all. So, we decided that we’re done rebuilding.

Ãndea and I have split the guild bank gold & contents as our salary for the work we’ve put into the guild, and turned off repairs and donations. We’re closing our doors for real this time, and turning it into our personal level 25 alt guild. For the players in the guild, you may stay, or  you may go. We recommend you go and find a place where you can get your $15/mo’s worth of game subscription. But if you just want to log into the game and do your own thing, and don’t need an active guild to do it, that’s fine too.

Thanks for a fun 3 years,
@neotsn / Neotsn#1586

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