Gaming Alone, Together

It’s been 12 Fridays now since self-quarantine, and stay-at-home orders were put in place due to COVID-19, and it’s brought into focus a lot of things about my life, in particular: some things that have changed, but also how I’ve managed to cope with it all.

The first thing I noticed was how much better it made my relationship with my 3-year-old daughter, since daddy is now home all the time, just out of sight most of the time…this, instead of a few minutes before I leave for work, and for an hour and a half after I get home from work before her bedtime.

The other thing I noticed is how much I don’t miss leaving the house. Twelve weeks in, and I’ve only left my house maybe a handful of times. Everyone I interact with is on Discord these days, and I rarely actually interact with anyone on social media. I’ve kept with my workday routine, and still get dressed, shaved, showered, and ready to go (albeit with basketball shorts instead of jeans, most of the time)…so it feels like nothing’s changed.

One thing that has changed over the course of 12 weeks: the video games I’ve played to keep myself entertained during the varying stages of isolation. I’d like to refocus the attention of this blog from being about a World of Warcraft Guild, and use it to bring in folks from to discuss and share stuff about the games they’re playing, why they enjoy them, what role they serve or itch they scratch.

I’ll be doing the same with some of my games to get things going; I just need to compile some screenshots first. Hopefully there will be some who take me up on the idea and can add their own posts to the site. If you’re interested in sharing your stories, let me know, and I’ll get you setup.

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