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tsnGuild #getRekt

Back in the day

Back in the before times (which is generally understood to have been a Saturday), when 20 people could gather in a normal-sized house out in Nacogdoches, TX, and run up the electricity bill to have a LAN party, it was just family & friends playing Unreal Tournament. Game of the Year edition, obviously…

Fast-forward to college

It was at East Texas Baptist University where @PunixGT introduced @neotsn to the game. Though the graphics were rudimentary by today’s standards, they were still considered top of the line in early 2000s, and it shook @neotsn to the core, such that he had to play with Teddy Bears and green puffs instead of watching the human models explode on the screen. There are no known laws against Teddy Bear violence, so this was deemed acceptable.

Casting a wide network

For more than a decade, @neotsn has been the creator and owner of a social network (before Facebook, MySpace and Friendster) with members from all over the world. But it was only possible with help from @PunixGT and his family & friends that it grew this large.

Over time, the group has loosely stayed together, while the internet itself has changed drastically since its inception in 2001 as etbustudents.cc, then etbuers.com in 2002, and eventually settling on the-spot.net.

Starting back up

In all this time, one thing has proven true in all online communities: if you invite people who share the community’s vision, the community will take care of itself.

It’s with this in mind that we’re going to start bringing everyone together as a collective of gamers, not necessarily those who would play the same game, but those who share the same sense of gaming.

…if you invite people who share the community’s vision, the community will take care of itself


Our goal is to share familiar, new, and interesting gaming experiences. To share what makes them enjoyable for us, and maybe what would make them enjoyable for you. And of course pwn a few n00bs along the way…

In a time when leaving the house and hosting LAN parties is no longer safe, or even reasonable given the availability of high speed internet these days, it’s important to still spend time together, and keep yourself entertained and connected with the world through something less divisive than social media.

In the end, life is all just a role-playing game, and we want everyone to have fun, enjoy playing it, and to play it together.

– @neotsn

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