About Us

Guild Vision

Our vision for this guild has always been to create an environment where people enjoy spending their time, for the purpose of downing end content while it is still active content, while advancing and sharing our understanding of the various aspects of the game.

Guild Philosophy

When you take a step back from it, this is all just a game, and we want everyone to have fun and enjoy playing the game, both during raid nights and outside of raid.

For more than a decade, I have been the owner of a social network (before Facebook, MySpace and Friendster) with members from all over the world; for the past 3 years I have been a GM in World of Warcraft. In all this time, one thing has proven true in all online communities: if you invite people who share the community’s vision, the community will take care of itself.

In a competitive video game though, everything is oriented around the group. In a group setting, the personal responsibility requirement is far more important and prevalent than that of a forum or social website, to make sure that your role in the group is not the role that holds the group back.

However, that personal responsibility should not simply be an attitude of “I did the minimum requirements to do my part,” but rather “I am the best in my role, class, and raid group; and always looking for ways to improve.”

I play a Mage, and when playing a class with a “glass cannon” reputation, other players expect to see me at or near the top (allowing for comparable gear) when ever I am in group combat. As a raider, other players expect that I am knowledgeable of my role in any encounters we face. As a raid leader, other players expect that I am knowledgeable of all roles in any encounters we face with a strategy for defeating the boss. And as a GM, other players expect that I hold people to these expectations to make sure the success of the guild and raid team.

If we boiled down our entire philosophy to a single sentence, it would be:

Everyone is paying to play the game, so everyone should get what they’re paying for.

Our goal as a progression oriented guild is to down content while it is still end content. As everyone in the group is paying a fee each month to play the game, every week/month that we fall behind because of players who are not doing their part is money wasted and enjoyment lost. If the group feels that a particular player is hindering the group’s progress, we will replace that player. If a player feels they’re not getting what they want from the game, we would encourage them to speak up about it and if we can make changes to fix it, we will…if they cannot, we have no problem with the player seeking out other avenues to get their money’s worth from the game.

In the end, this is all just a game, and we want everyone to have fun and enjoy playing it, both during raid nights and outside of raid.

– Neotsn

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