Welcome to The Spot!

Welcome to our new guild, The Spot, hosted by the-spot.net.

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Hosted by Neotsn’s social network: the-spot.net

The Spot is a newly restructured, level 25, Horde guild, located on Stormreaver (Central Time Zone).

Our Guild philosophies are simple:

  • Everyone is paying to play the game, so everyone should get what they are paying for.
  • No one player is more important than the guild as a whole.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Those who sow the seeds, harvest the seeds, make the dough, and bake the bread are entitled to the first slice.

Simply put, if you put the work into your part in the guild & raid group, you’ll benefit from the work you’ve done. If you do not do your part, you will not benefit, and will not remain part of the guild or raid group.

Raiding and the Schedule

Our standard raid group is 10-man. Our standard raid times are Tuesday & Thursday @ 1930-2230 Sever Time, with the expectation that the earlier the whole group is online, the earlier we can start raiding.

We run a semi-hardcore, progression oriented raid, with Loot Council driven by the askmrrobot.com RoboCouncil feature (may require premium subscription to view) using the “Republican” methodology (those with the best gear will benefit more from an upgraded piece). There is no DKP, there is no favoritism, there is no fairness…there is only cold, logical, Math.


As of this posting, we are currently recruiting all classes with an emphasis on diversity, and all roles. We expect that you have a full understanding of your class, the latest information on its rotation, an awareness of situational talents, and proper gear enhancements when you apply.

We also ask that you have at least a 510 item level equipped for your main spec, no PVP gear unless it is proven to be better than otherwise unobtainable PVE gear, and can maintain proper raid awareness during fights.

If you are interested in joining, please mail/pst Neotsn (or Neotsn#1586) or Ãndea (alt+0195) in-game. There will be more information regarding what’s necessary to join, and what’s expected of those who do posted to the forums.

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